5 Reasons to get a pod room

When Jane bought her one bedroom terraced flat several years ago, she had the intention of converting the loft and selling it 18 months later. But as time passed her plans changed.

We asked Jane what made her decide to get the loft converted now and why she wanted a pod room.  " I've lived here so long I really feel like part of the Tooting community, but I'd gotten a bit of cabin fever in the flat because it was so small. 

She went on to say, " had a look around at a neighbours' loft  who'd had a pod room added, I'd never dreamed I'd get that much space up here, I couldn't believe how big it was. That gave me the confidence that I could do the same with my flat."

Having a loft conversion with a pod room has totally changed Jane's home, we asked her what she loves about it the most:

What exactly is a pod room?

A pod room is an additional room that is usually built out over half of the back addition giving you an approx space of 3m *3.5m in size. Pod rooms are relatively new to London in terms of planning allowances.  They are often built to be used as a home office or study, nursery, or spare room for guests.

1. More to pods than beans

Having a pod room built as part of her loft conversion has nearly doubled the number of rooms in her flat, and has meant Janes's been able to change her former bedroom into a new dining room.

She has also been able to reclaim the whole of the first floor as extra living space.

2. A fairytale conversion story

A bit like the 70s kids show where Mr Benn who lived on Festive Road, Putney ,would go through a magic door into a fantasy world; a pod room can be whatever you want it to be  - even a medieval castle should you desire that.Jane has chosen to use her pod room as a cosy double room for visitors, but as she says " it's a really flexible space, it can be used as a nursery, children's play room, a single room or an office."  In fact over time it may end up being used as all of the above.

3. Plant the seed and watch your home grow

By having a bedroom with en-suite and the pod room built, Jane has reclaimed the first floor as living space. Her flat now feels like a house, and having guests over to stay is no longer a challenge.

" Since doing this I've had so many more people round, I've had people for dinner or stay over for weekends, without all the planning I had to do in the past. It feels like more of a grown up home that I feel proud of when people come to visit."

4. Let your beans talk

By investing money building a pod room, in addition to her new master room Jane's home has laid the proverbial golden egg with its increase in property value.

Should she wish to sell in the future, her flat is worth substantially more and has become more appealing as a two or even a three bedroom property for couples as well as families.

5. Happily ever after

Just as Jane found the market tough when she was buying, few would disagree that it's now even harder still to find a property with three or more bedrooms. By buying a smaller property with a loft that can be converted (as Jane did) is a great solution to owning a larger home for less.

Jane loves her loft conversion and now intends to stay in her beautiful and spacious two bedroom flat. Before we left we asked her if she had any advice for anyone considering getting a loft conversion:

Do it, especially if you have limited living space. It can completely give your property a new lease of life. There's not an inch of wasted space in my flat, and with good planning you'll be surprised at what you can achieve.

Want to know whether you could have a pod room as part of your loft conversion? Contact us today and find out how we can give your home a new lease of life.

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