Boomerang Kids: how to make your house a family home again

Are you parents to one of the 3.3 million young adults still living at home? Even if you're not, read on - it's better to be prepared for the future now.

Nowadays our children are faced with mounting student loan debts, a shortage of affordable homes and inflated rental costs. It all adds up to the perfect reason why boomerang kids come flying back home to stay, often for years.

For as much as we love them...

The parent/child relationship dynamic changes considerably when they return home as young adults. The often said phrase "our house, our rules" doesn't hold quite the same weight anymore, and in bed by ten soon becomes home by dawn.

Your once small, adoring child, whose belongings all fitted into the back of the car when you drove them to halls for the first time, is now fully grown. And as adults they have all the extra material possessions amassed whilst living away from home.

All their accumulated belongings are overflowing from their now cramped bedroom and your home starts to feel like an over-booked hotel at peak season. It's clear you're going to need more space than ever. As they said in Jaws "We're gonna need a bigger boat".

6 Tips for living together

  1. Discuss expectations, make sure you understand what you expect from each other from the start
  2. Set ground rules and time limits for how long they plan to stay
  3. Share household costs and /or chores
  4. prepare for money requests and don't feel bad declining them If they're working they shouldn't expect you to subsidise them or their social life
  5. Discuss finances and help them to draw up a plan to start saving to move out
  6. Remember you're all adults now, so discuss things as adults

Your best solution could be converting your loft

Giving you the extra space you will be needing, and adding up to 20% more on to the value of your property. Converting your loft space makes more than just sense will also make pounds and pence.

This was something that our client, Adrian in Collier's Wood had decided to do when his daughter returned home from university.

Rather than move out of the family home of 20 years, Adrian opted to build a new master bedroom with an en-suite. He now has a beautiful bedroom with a Juliet balcony and his family is happily enjoying more spacious living. It all goes towards a more harmonious household and no more bathroom disputes in the morning.

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