This conversion added a spacious master bedroom and an en-suite bathroom to a gorgeous Victorian end of terrace house. Pleased with the development, Naomi has "decided to invest money into the property and capitalise on the space by converting the loft into a rentable room."

The Project

When Naomi bought her house in Hounslow, she considered how she would use her attic eventually, and when she needed more room, she decided to develop the space. By opting to convert her loft, she was also motivated by the fact that by investing in her property, she could capitalise on the new space and generate income from it by renting it out. For the new loft, Naomi pictured a bedroom and bathroom, and wanted to work with a company that would create the space and height she required.

Please with Landmark Lofts' level of service, Naomi says:

“They worked like Trojans. You’ve never seen a work ethic like it.”

Our Approach

At Landmark Lofts, we are committed to delivering bespoke solutions that keep our clients happy. We were delighted to work with Naomi to realise her vision for her new loft. 

As well as height, maximising space was a key element for her. Although she really wanted the chimney to function in her front room, the chimney breast took up too much space. As a solution, her project manager advised the removal of the chimney breast in the loft and the installation of the stove in the front room by installing a twin wall flue system. As a result, she could have her stove, as well as maximise her loft space.

In order to allow light from the dome to penetrate the landing below, she envisioned a glass panel in the landing in the loft. However, her construction manager advised that this wouldn’t be possible, as the half landing was too narrow, with no space to install one. As a solution, we increased the size of the dome in the roof instead. 

The Result

Naomi is happy that the dormer conversion has added over 300 square feet of space to her end of terrace home, and created a superb new space, comprising a bedroom with an en-suite bathroom. A particular feature that adds a striking finish to the new loft is the roof dome, which lets light stream into the area and creates an incredible sense of space by opening it up. Two large Velux windows also flood the spacious bedroom with natural light and built-in storage in the eaves is an example of efficient use of space in this bedroom. 

Naomi lets the new loft, and on her decision to convert her attic, says:

“It’s not just an increase in property; you are actually receiving an income because of it.”

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